Friday, October 17, 2014

Family of Five

My friend Kristen did a great job on Hudson's newborn photos. They were taken when he was just a few days old! I still find it hard to believe that we have three kids! I love my family!

Hudson's Birth Story

36 Weeks-3 cm dilated 

About three weeks before I was expecting to go into labor my Doctor (who is awesome) let me know that he would be gone for almost the entire month of August! I was definitely not happy to hear this news AT ALL. My last birth experience was an intensely painful and quick one, and because of this I had some serious anxiety about going into labor and not being able to make it in time. My doctor agreed to strip my membranes at 36 1/2 weeks. This is typically when I have gone into labor in the past anyways, I was already starting to have more regular (but not intense) contractions, and he was going to be home for a brief window of time. We went for it with hopes that I would go into labor when my Doctor was in town. He stripped my membranes (I may have said some bad hurts!!!) And i began having some cramping along with frequent contractions.) I called my mom and she packed her bags and headed for Idaho the next morning! Then it all stopped. 

37 Weeks- 3 1/2 cm dilated

I had invited my mom to come into the delivery room with us for the first time, and because she had only a limited amount of time that she could be away from work, we wanted to get things moving! My biggest fear was that we would wait for a couple of weeks and nothing would happen. My mom would then have to go home to work and would miss everything! And I wouldn't have my mama around to help take care of me for the first days after having a baby. Not what I wanted AT ALL. So we did everything (reasonable) to induce labor that we could think of:

-Walking MILES and MILES daily
-Pressure points on feet and ankles,
-Jumping on the trampoline (ouch...I don't recommend)
-Walking up hills at the zoo
-A breast pump was involved. Enough said
-Essential Oils

Finally we decided that all of the stress of trying to put myself into labor was making things worse. Babies will come when they are ready! So Ryan and I went out to a movie, for Thai Food, and took advantage of having my mom around to help out with the girls. I continued having regular contractions throughout the entire week, even some as close as 2 minutes apart! But they weren't painful enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. It was emotionally and physically exhausting! 

After none of these things progressed my contractions, I went to the doctor's office and had my fill in doctor strip my membranes again. There was no change in contractions or pain level.

D Day!

Addison had her preschool screening at noon on August 12. My mom and I had gone grocery shopping the night before and she (THANKS MOM) had been busy all morning making meals and stocking up my freezer for after baby. I had been having contractions all week, but unlike other days they didn't go away for short periods of time. They stayed consistent, but still not too painful. I took Addison to the Elementary school (and had Ryan come along just in case). I was uncomfortable but tried to act normal. By 4:00 I was starting to get frustrated. Why weren't my contractions getting worse? They were constant but not intense. My back was sore...but that was nothing new! It had been aching for weeks (and really months). I finally called my doctors nurse. I explained that I didn't know if I was in true labor, as I had been in false labor for weeks! I told her about my last labor experience and about how I was nervous that I would wait too long. She told me to "get my butt up to the hospital." I am SO grateful that I followed her advice!

At 4:50 I dropped the girls off at my neighbor Chelsey's house, fully expecting to be sent back home. My mom drove me up to Portneuf Medical Center and we walked into Labor and Delivery. I was embarrassed that I couldn't tell if I was in labor or not (and with my THIRD baby I should have been able to tell). I explained to the nurses and Resident doctor that I wanted to be checked out. I was laughing and I could tell from the looks on their faces that they were thinking, "This girl is getting sent home". 

I changed into my gown and Ryan met us in our room. The doctor came in to check dilation. I was at 3 1/2! I had been checked the day before and I was at a 3 so the doctor assured me that I WAS in labor and that I would be staying! I was BEYOND happy to hear this news! 

 I was hooked up to an IV, and we called Ryan's parents who picked up the girls from my Neighbor and settled in for the night. The Resident Doctor (who was hilarious and awesome--SOOO glad he was there!) decided to break my water to get things moving along more quickly. He tried but was unsuccessful. My mom, Ryan, and I were sent to walk the halls to lower him into my pelvis. We walked for an hour and when he checked again I was at a 4! My contractions were beginning to get a bit more uncomfortable, but nothing that I couldn't talk through.
Seeing this on the board by my bed made everything seem real!
Ryan giving an update to the girls. 
 After checking for dilation, the Doctor decided to try breaking my water again. He was successful and my labor immediately changed from mildly uncomfortable to excruciating! I began having contractions without breaks that were very intense. I was thankful that I had decided to go to the hospital early and was able to get an epidural. After breaking my water, things progressed very quickly. I soon felt an immense amount of pressure and when checked, was told I was at a 10! We waited for a bit longer, and then with only a few pushes little Hudson came into the world.

The moment when a baby is born is the most amazing overwhelming moment. At first I was in shock that it was all over! And then when they handed me my sweet baby boy I just started sobbing. It is the closest to heaven I think that I will ever feel.
Meeting my perfect baby boy for the first time!
 Hudson Jack Bell was born at 11:42pm. He weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long. He came out wailing, and looking just like his big sister Addison (minus the red hair)!
Ryan finally got his little boy! He is the best Dad to all of our children. I love him so much!
I'm so glad my mom was able to be there for such an important day in my life!

The first diaper change of many!
 It was a long night and I was so excited to have my new baby with me that I just snuggled him and kissed his little head all night. I couldn't sleep at all!

The next morning my mom and Ryan's parents brought the girls to the hospital to meet their new brother! It was a precious moment. Addison held him and wanted to be near him the entire time. Gracelyn sang him songs and was so excited to give kisses and to ask questions.
Introducing Addie and Gracie to their new baby brother. 
 I wasn't feeling very well at all the day after delivering baby. A sleepless night, the trauma to my body from birth, and "anesthesia bladder" made it a rough day! I was finally given a second catheter and after that I was able to get feeling better.
 We packed up and headed home that night! It was nice to be in my own bed where I could relax and be more comfortable.

Addison was so excited that morning when she came into my room and found us there. She held her baby brother as much as she was allowed to. We all love our little "Hudsy Budsy"!
1 Day Old

Pregnancy 20-38 weeks

The second half of my pregnancy went better than I ever expected. I was still uncomfortable, but i was able to avoid bed rest completely! This was such a blessing for myself and for my family! The doctor put me on weekly progesterone injections, and I was told to "take it as easy as possible". My nausea never went away, but was definitely manageable up until the end. I definitely don't recommend being pregnant through the entire summer. Thank goodness we have A/C in our house, or I would have been a very grumpy mama! I carried so much lower with baby boy than I did with our girls. I officially have stretch marks on my stomach now because of this.

Symptoms for weeks 20-38

-Back Pain and Pelvic Pain
-Constant Contractions
-Varicose veins (hate this one!)
-Muscle Spasms
-Round Ligament Pain
-Kidney Infections! I had them all through my last half of pregnancy! It got so bad I had to go in for IVs and was on antibiotics most of the time

And now for the weekly belly pictures!
22 weeks
23 1/2 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks
28 weeks

29 weeks
My sweet mom surprised me with a baby shower! It was so fun to see Canadian friends and family, and without it baby boy would be wearing pink. :) (30 weeks)
31 1/2 weeks
Working on Baby's room! 
Those sweet little hands! Addie and Gracelyn loved to feel their baby brother kick and squirm. They would sing songs and talk to him. Addie was the first person (besides myself) to feel him kick. I loved being able to share such exciting moments with my daughters!
32 1/2 weeks (and dying of heat haha)
34 weeks
I craved ice like crazy this pregnancy. Whether it was the heat, dehydration, or anemia I don't know, but this was my favorite way to eat a homemade snow cone!
35 weeks
36 weeks
37 weeks
Trying to walk baby out at 37 weeks. That belly!!!
Two days before I went into labor!
I am definitely not a woman with a body that loves being pregnant. Completely the opposite...but I am so grateful for my stretched out, squishy, "mom" body. It has allowed me to grow such beautiful children, and for that I will wear my stretch marks with pride! :) 

Monday, April 14, 2014


So I realize that I have been horrible at keeping up on this blog. Here is my attempt to get caught up on the past 6 months!

To start, I found out last summer that I was pregnant. Ryan and I were so excited to be due with another little one in May. At ten weeks I had a few signs that things were not right, and I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that I was not only expecting, but that I was expecting TWINS. After a long and confusing ultrasound the tech decided that they would have to wait a week and do another ultrasound to check the viability of the pregnancy. It was a long week of blood tests and ultrasounds. In the end they found that both of the babies had no heartbeat and I had to have them removed surgically. It was horrible and hard and I still get emotional about it sometimes...but I know that one day I will have my babies again and that they are being well cared for until I get to be with them again.

I struggled with the idea of having another baby so soon, but finally decided after prayer and a visit to the temple that it was the right thing for us to do. At the beginning of December, although I had taken many at home pregnancy tests that came back negative, and I had no symptoms, I felt SO strongly that I was expecting again. I went into my doctors office for unrelated reasons and requested a blood test to confirm pregnancy. Blood tests are much more accurate than the at home tests. I was shocked and very disappointed when it came back negative again. I finally gave up on the idea and decided that I had been wrong. Another week passed however and I kept having a feeling that I needed to take one more test. I pushed it off for days then finally took one and burst into tears when it came back positive. Heavenly Father truly answers prayers. It was a huge confirmation of his love for me individually and I knew that he hadn't forgotten me. My doctors office told me it was a false positive when I called in but I requested another blood test. This time it came back positive. Because I have had problems carrying babies in the past I was put on medication immediately that helped to prevent another loss, and although it made me sicker than I EVER have been in my life, it worked! Baby is due August 23rd!

9 Weeks and SICK!

Our Announcement to friends and family.

14 Weeks on our Anniversary date

15 1/2 Weeks

When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound I was POSITIVE that we were having another girl. I had already been looking at girl bedding and had a few girl names that I liked. I was completely surprised when the ultrasound tech showed us that it was in fact a BOY! I feel completely unprepared and so SO excited! Ryan was especially excited...he has so many more opinions about names, colors of the nursery, pretty much everything. I am excited for him to have a little guy to do manly things with. :)

19 Weeks

19 1/2 Weeks It's a BOY!
20 1/2 weeks
We are officially half way there! I am 21 weeks so over half I haven't ever made it to 38 weeks so there is a good chance that we will probably meet this little guy in around 17 weeks! I can't wait! I'm hoping that things continue to go well and that this little guy will be easier on me than his sisters were. I went into preterm labor with both of them at 30 weeks and was on bed rest for 6 weeks. Be nice to your mama little one!

Symptoms at 21 Weeks:

  • Braxton Hicks like crazy! Baby better not try to make an early arrival!
  • Less nauseated...still taking 1 to 2 zofran a day and throwing up around 3 times a week though.
  • Exhausted but unable to sleep at night. I usually take unisom to help me sleep.
  • Craving popcorn and cinnamon buns
  • Not sure of weight gain. Gracelyn threw our digital scale into her bath so it is out of commission. Probably for the best anyways. 
  • My belly has popped out so much faster this time. Not sure if it's just because of how many babies I have had, or if I am just carrying differently with a boy.
  • Not as emotional as I remember being with the girls. Bonus for Ryan!