Friday, October 17, 2014

Pregnancy 20-38 weeks

The second half of my pregnancy went better than I ever expected. I was still uncomfortable, but i was able to avoid bed rest completely! This was such a blessing for myself and for my family! The doctor put me on weekly progesterone injections, and I was told to "take it as easy as possible". My nausea never went away, but was definitely manageable up until the end. I definitely don't recommend being pregnant through the entire summer. Thank goodness we have A/C in our house, or I would have been a very grumpy mama! I carried so much lower with baby boy than I did with our girls. I officially have stretch marks on my stomach now because of this.

Symptoms for weeks 20-38

-Back Pain and Pelvic Pain
-Constant Contractions
-Varicose veins (hate this one!)
-Muscle Spasms
-Round Ligament Pain
-Kidney Infections! I had them all through my last half of pregnancy! It got so bad I had to go in for IVs and was on antibiotics most of the time

And now for the weekly belly pictures!
22 weeks
23 1/2 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks
28 weeks

29 weeks
My sweet mom surprised me with a baby shower! It was so fun to see Canadian friends and family, and without it baby boy would be wearing pink. :) (30 weeks)
31 1/2 weeks
Working on Baby's room! 
Those sweet little hands! Addie and Gracelyn loved to feel their baby brother kick and squirm. They would sing songs and talk to him. Addie was the first person (besides myself) to feel him kick. I loved being able to share such exciting moments with my daughters!
32 1/2 weeks (and dying of heat haha)
34 weeks
I craved ice like crazy this pregnancy. Whether it was the heat, dehydration, or anemia I don't know, but this was my favorite way to eat a homemade snow cone!
35 weeks
36 weeks
37 weeks
Trying to walk baby out at 37 weeks. That belly!!!
Two days before I went into labor!
I am definitely not a woman with a body that loves being pregnant. Completely the opposite...but I am so grateful for my stretched out, squishy, "mom" body. It has allowed me to grow such beautiful children, and for that I will wear my stretch marks with pride! :) 

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