Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2009

Since my last post (summer vacation in Canada) quite a bit has been going on with Ryan and I. I have always been terrible at record keeping...I think the last time I wrote in my actual journal was the day after Ryan proposed to me. Pathetic! So I decided that this is going to be my way of hopefully getting to be better at it! Ryan and I moved into a new apartment at the end of the summer. It is in the basement of a gorgeous house in downtown Idaho Falls. The people that own the house actually live in Georgia and they mostly only stay here during the holidays. We mostly just supervise the house and make sure that everything is being done to keep it looking nice. They have been so extremely generous to let us live here and we appreciate them so much!

I decided that I wanted to go into massage therapy and I enrolled in the College of Massage Therapy in Bingham Memorial Hospital. I have always been interested in massage and I thought that it would create a lot of opportunities. I will be able to work from home and to be a full time mom (which is HUGE for me), and after our kids are a bit older I plan on going to school again and learning about esthetics. Eventually I want to either opening my own spa or work for a chiropractor.

Ryan transferred from Brigham Young University over to Idaho State University so that he will be able to get his degree in Health Care administration. He started classes in January and has been going part time. He is still working as a Personal Banker at USBank here in Idaho Falls and has really enjoyed it.
We spent Thanksgiving here in Idaho Falls with the Bell Family and Christmas with the Prince Family in Canada. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and we really enjoy being able to spend time with Ryan's family. It is always so fun for me to be able to go home and see my family as well...at Christmas I got to see alot of people that I haven't seen since our wedding! I even was able to meet my newest cousin for the first time! My brother Brandon left on his mission shortly after Christmas and is now in Albuquarque, New Mexico.

We found out our baby is going to be a GIRL! and we are so excited for her to finally get here! We have decided on the name Addison Nicole Bell. A week before Valentines Day I went into premature labor and my doctor decided that the best thing to do in order to avoid a premature delivery would be to put me on complete bedrest. Because of this I had to withdraw from school (I will start where I left off in August) and I had to take a break from work.

Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary February 22...unfortunately all of our exciting plans kind of went down the drain since I am on bed-rest. Instead of the baby shopping spree that we were going to go on, Ryan ordered Olive Garden take out and we had dinner in bed. It was nice just to relax together though, and in the long run it definitely saved us some money. I usually am really good about sticking to our budget, but when it comes to buying things for the baby I tend to get a bit out of control!

It has been hard to keep myself busy but having a healthy baby is definately the most important thing. I will be 37 weeks on March 10, and then it will be safe for the baby to be born anytime after that. (She is due April 1) Ryan has been amazing through this whole thing. He is always busy! He works all day, comes home and works on his homework, goes to classes, cooks, cleans, pretty much he does EVERYTHING. He never complains even when he is exhausted...I love him so much I don't know what I would do without him! That pretty much sums up all of what has been going on with us. I will post pictures of Addie when she is born (that is my goal anyways!)


Chelsey & Tyler said...

Congrats on having a girl that is awesome! Love the name. I am so excited for you. And I hope everything goes well I am sorry you are on bed rest that has to get boring.

It's good to here about your life!

I want to see pictures of Addison!!! :)

Ry and Monica said...

Chelsey! How are you? Your wedding pictures are so cute! Where are you living, what have you been up to...give me an update! I will post pictures of Addison as soon as she gets here!

Sheila said...

great post Monica. Now that Addison is here I hope to see lots of new pictures on your blog. Best of luck.