Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend With Family

Before I officially start this post I just want to say that I just love Addison's little toes! Actually--I just love Addison...and she happens to have cute little toes :) Last week I painted her toenails to match has nothing to do with anything this weekend...I just thought that it was cute! about this weekend. We were so excited to have family come visit from all over for Addison's blessing! Ryan's sister Mindy and her family came from Colorado. We couldn't BELIEVE how big that the kids were getting...especially little Griffin and Ella. It's crazy how much they have changed even since Christmas! My family and grandparents on both the Prince and Heath side--along with my Aunt Laura and her cute daughter Nevaeh came down from Canada. Ry's Brother Spencer and his girlfriend Kellie came from Utah as well. It was so good to see all of them. Thanks for coming down guys...and for making the long trips (Ry and I think they are torture...and we haven't even tried going anywhere with a baby yet!).

our sweet girl!

Friday was our day with the Bell family. We had lunch together, then I stayed and hung out while Ryan went back to work until six. Addie loved meeting her cousins Izzy and Ella especially. If she was crying, she would usually calm down when they came around. Both girls did such a great job helping to take care of her! For dinner, Mindy made a BBQ chicken pizza...from scratch (crust and everything!). It was amazing.

Saturday morning Ryan, Addison, and I had family pictures. Mindy got some adorable shots of Addie...I can't wait until they are ready! That afternoon was the big BABY SHOWER! It turned out really well...we had a great time, and Addison got some really cute stuff! Afterward, my family came over to our apartment for a while, then we went shopping, and hot tubbing at my parent's hotel. Addie was so tired from all of the attention that she slept better than ever before...she only woke up twice during the night!

Sunday morning, we had Addison blessed. Ryan was so nervous to give the blessing, but he did an awesome job. Of course both of us had the waterworks going before we even started. She wore the dress I was blessed in....and surprisingly it was a perfect fit! I am so grateful for our sweet daughter. We love her so much...she is so perfect-- and I know all of our extended family love her as well... everyone kept fighting over her the time!

Of course I forgot to take pictures the entire weekend--smart huh. All except for Sunday afternoon when we went down to the Greenbelt with the Prince family. There is a slideshow of the pics from that below. I'll have to be sure to get pictures from everyone else!

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: Sunday Afternoon--River


DJ said...

She is perfect! I love that you painted her toenails to match yours. I have a similar picture from when Kinlee was only a month or so old too. I love having a daughter and doing all the girlie stuff with her.
Addison is so cute!! You should post more pictures of that sweetheart.

Hilorie said...

I love your matching toe nails! Your daughtor is so cute!!

Dustin and Lyndsey Wright said...

Addison is soooo cute Monica! I love her little toes, aww :) If I have a girl I am sooo painting her toenails! lol!

Rachel D said...

ahh so cute!! i remember painting baby girls toe nails like mine, i still do it!! sorry we missed your shower, don't worry though we have something for you guys.