Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words that Warm

Poor Ryan has been so busy this past while! He is working full time for US Bank, and has been also going to ISU part time. It seems that every minute of the day he has a presentation to finish, a test to study for, or some other assignment to complete. I find myself telling him (and myself) "Don't worry, when you finish this semester we will have more time to spend together." or "We just have to get through these next few years, and then we won't have as much stress to deal with." The article that I read today really put things into perspective for me. I loved this:
"Little things in human relations form the foundation of a happy, successful life. If the little things are attended to, the big things will take care of themselves. Lasting happiness seldom comprises monumental events, enormous wealth, stimulating entertainment, or phenomenal success. Happiness is found in the daily events that make up a person’s life. Words of respect, support, and gratitude can make daily events memorable."
With such a crazy life and time schedule, I am going to focus more on the small things that I can do to make my home a happy one for my little family.

D Monica


DJ said...

I love your posts lately---words that warm, the grapefruit story etc---all good stuff, thanks for sharing!
I hate it when husbands are stressed & busy since all we know is stay at home mom stuff it can be hard to understand sometimes but do keep reassuring & supporting him, it's true that that's what makes (or breaks) the good in our daily family memories & whether we have & maintain a happy healthy home!!
You have the cutest little family---I don't even know your little girl & I just love her!!!!

peas n' honey said...

i love this post! well said!