Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen while Addie was snuggled up in a blanket watching “Baby Einstein” on the floor. I heard her making some funny noises, and went to check on her. It looked like she was chewing on something and she kept gaggingI hurried tried to get whatever she had put in her mouth out, but there was nothing there. She wasn’t having a hard time breathing, and kept trying to play while she coughed...crazy girl! She ended up throwing up 10-15 times in the next 7 minutes, and then all of a sudden she was fine. I gave her plenty of water to drink, and called our pediatrician to ask his advice on whether he needed to see her in the office. They told me it sounded like she had a string or something from her blanket and that I should keep a close eye on her, but that it didn’t sound like it was serious.
Even though it TOTALLY freaked me out, I had to laugh this morning when I changed her diaper. Without giving too many details, I found a large artificial flower petal mixed in with the usual grossness.
Silly baby!

They need to put a warning label on these things!

W Monica


peas n' honey said...

oh my goodness! that is crazy! and it sounds like you handled it so well! that would totally freak me out too!

Jayelle said...

Wow! I'm glad she's ok! Who would have thought?? I'll consider myself warned. LOL