Friday, December 18, 2009


I am LOVING being in primary! We have the cutest little kids in our class...3 boys, and 3 girls. Little kids come up with the funniest things, for instance:

Monica- "Why do we fast?"
Little Boy with most serious face- "So we DON'T GET FAT."

This week the lesson is on being a good example for family members. Ry thinks I am crazy because I make a million handouts for each week. For this week, I made bookmarks for each child, and then for this week's activity, they are to do 2 acts of service and leave these little cards behind.
What better thing to do this Christmas season than service?

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Sheila said...

Having been a primary pres or in presidencies for over 15 or more years... I LOVE teachers like you. THose that put some real effort and love and excitement into what they do. Giving the kids things to stimulate their minds and actions. GOOD going Monica. PS have a great christmas. Give your mom a big hug for me and take lots of pictures of everyone together to post. Love ya