Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My goal...to be the Biggest Loser!

I am obsessed with workout DVD's.

I have pretty much tried them all. Pilates, "Walking for Weightloss"- I don't do this one often because it is embarressing that I can't keep up with the middle aged women marching in place, Latin Hip Hop (scary), Daily Stretch, and Mommy/Baby Workouts.

The problem is that I get super motivated in the store when I am buying the DVD to get in shape, and then it just never really happens. Every time I go near the Workout DVD section in a store, Ryan groans. Pathetic I know.

Lately I have been on this Yoga kick...I'm not going to lie and say that I am awesome at it, but at least I have been A LOT more regular in working out. The only problem was that though I felt much more limber, I never really felt like I was losing weight. Which brings me to my point-- here is my new love:
I worked out yesterday for 30 minutes, and I am feeling it today. My abs, butt, and triceps are KILLING me. YAY! Hopefully this one lasts...because I really want that Six Week transformation promised on the back!


Heather said...

Awesome!!! I have been using the biggest loser boot camp, lost 10 pounds in a month. Of course, nursing helps. BUT going to try the cardio one next. So happy we can be losers together.=)

Jayelle said...

Keep us posted on how it goes! I love my walking DVDs, but probably should do something a little more intensive one of these days! :)

love, rebecca violet said...

haha! that is awesome! right now my thing is to work out while i watch the biggest loser.
the things we do!

Kim Rose said...

WOW! I didn't realize you were here in Idaho Falls! Cool! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yours is adorable! Check out my website. You should come to the crop in March! I love finding NEW blog friends. YEAH!

HAYHAY said...

I've almost bought the DVD a few times when I've been at Walmart. Now that I have your recommendation, I'm going to go for it!
Your blog is SO cute!! I LOVE it!!
I'll add you today to the mom blog:)

I'm glad to find your blog, your fam is so cute!

HAYHAY said...

Can I get your email so I can add you?

Lydia said...

First of all, you LOOK great...not sure your intention of "losing weight" But I love yoga, I used to do hot yoga frequently but now it is simply impossible! Let know know how this one goes, I'll be very interested too. I still have 10 pounds to lose to back in sharp. (ok, I know you are a sweetheard and I know what you're going say but just to tell you facts that I CANNOT fit in my old outfits so I need that 10 pounds GONE)