Monday, February 1, 2010

On my Mind:
  • I just got home from Canada last night-- I went up to spend time with my family, and to help my mom with her crazy schedule. Just me and my baby girl on a roadtrip!
  • While I was gone for the week, Ryan bought a new TV, a bunch of movies, and some new work clothes. Good timing right? He just "happened" to find good deals.
  • Addison is talking NON-STOP. DAJADABAHEE (squeal) Jadaseehaa (blow bubbles) Jabaja!
  • I just got my shipment of the essential oils that I bought last them!
  • Today at lunch, Addison decided not to open her mouth for food unless I was entertaining her with it. Little manipulator!
  • Lately I have been ADDICTED to scrapbooking...I was so excited at Christmas when my sister in-law Kellie downloaded a TON of her supplies, and then my computer crashed and I lost all of it! (sniff!) I have been attempting to start again from scratch, and i found super cute kits here, here, and here!
  • I can't believe that Ryan and I have been married for three years on the twenty-second, and that Addison will be one in a month and a half. Time flies!


Kellie and Spencer said...

Spencer wants to know how big the TV is and how the computer stuff all went! I think that you guys need to come down and visit us so I can give you all of those kits again!

Ry and Monica said...

It is a Samsung 46" LCD...and Ry LOVES it! I agree on the hanging out part too! :)