Monday, June 14, 2010

Bell Family Reunion

This year, the Bell family started a new reunions! We will be rotating through each my husbands siblings in order to take turns planning and putting on the events. My sister-in-law Mindy set the bar high for the rest of us!

A few Highlights of our "Forced Family Fun" (as Mindy called it):
  • Bike Rides
  • Visiting Box Canyon Falls
  • Hot Springs
  • Shopping
  • "Main in Motion"
  • Amazing food
  • "Minute to Win It"
  • Family Pictures
I am horrible about remembering to get out the camera, but here are a few of the pictures that we actually took:
(click photos to enlarge)
It was so good to spend time with all of my in-laws and to have the chance to get to know them even better.

Thanks to the Shaw Family for everything!

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