Thursday, June 24, 2010


While I was pregnant, everyone would tell me that I should remember everything about my newborn baby, because "babies grow up too fast". I can honestly say that Addison's first few days are a blur for me. I'm not sure if it was my crazy emotional hormones, or the drugs that I was taking for pain. I wish I could go back and snuggle her all over again!

She was tiny! When I see the preemie clothes that she used to wear I can't even believe that she was so small. I miss her sleepy little head, I miss the way she would fit in my arm, I miss her smell, I miss her noises, I miss my newborn.

But, I also love the way that I get to sleep now! I love chasing her around the house, I love when she learns a new word, I love that she wants her mommy when she falls down, I love the way that she sprawls out when she is sleeping, I love her cheesy grin and her funny little personality.
It is safe to say that I might be a little bit baby hungry today. Just a little. But I definitely could not handle having another baby at this point. And even the thought of being pregnant makes me feel slightly nauseated.

So I can wait.


DJ said...

I can relate completely!
Only my little one isn't even resembling baby these days in any way.
And I can't wait.
But I am grateful for all the everyday/all day moments I have thoroughly and completely got to enjoy because it's just her and I and I haven't been sick with pregnancy or the demands of another little one (tho I would take one in a heartbeat). I do absolutely love our time and the fact that I get to really know my daughter entirely because she's my everything, every waking moment, her and I!! And she's a gem! Just like little Addison! She's a doll, so sweet and super cute! Keep enjoying all those wonderful things you listed, only as a slightly bigger growing version of her newborn self. She's beautiful. So are you!

love, rebecca violet said...

I'm hungry too :)

Hey, I wanted to ask you about your pricing... I went to your massage blog but couldn't find them. That post about the neck??? Yep, that's me and I've really been trying to strech it. But I don't doesn't seem to be working. I guess I'm just falling apart.
During yoga today I thought of you and remembered that I could go to someone I know! But then again, maybe that is weird. Lol.