Monday, July 12, 2010

Room Makeover, for under $200!

We have been busy...sanding, painting, crafting, and Addison's room is finally done! (minus a few small things)

All of the furniture in her room, we got for free! 
  • CRIB: mine when I was a baby
  • SHELF ABOVE CRIB: was made by my Grandpa Prince for Addison's first Christmas
  • KITCHEN CUPBOARD: was made for me when I was little by my Grandpa Prince
  • ROCKING CHAIR: was given to Addison by Grandma and Grandpa Bell for her Birthday
  • CRADLE: my Grandma Heath gave it to me for my first Christmas
  • DRESSER: was passed down from my Grandma Heath, to my mom, and then to me
  • BOOKSHELF: my Grandpa Prince made it for me for my 10th birthday
Here are the BEFORE pictures. And this is what it looks like now:
After doing this project, Ryan has officially taken the Garage over as his "Man Room". He spent hours organizing and hanging things on Saturday, and it is now completely spotless! He has his stereo set up, and there has even been talk of getting a couch and a big screen TV so that he can watch games and do other "Man Things". Yesterday he even was seriously considering taking a nap out there. Crazy boy...


Karlene said...

her room is ADORABLE!!! little girlies are soo fun! i luv your blog :)

Heather said...

I am laughing so hard!! Men and their garages.=) I love the room! So fun. And here is our email.

Bowmans said...

I love it! you did a great job.