Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cookie Monster!

This little girl definitely has a sweet tooth. 

For FHE Last night, we decorated sugar cookies, and had a lesson about being reverent. While the cookies were cooling (look up at the left of the picture below) Addison was getting spoons out of the drawer, going up on her tippy toes, and trying to snag  cookies off of the counter. I let her put the sprinkles on after the cookies were iced, but she kept getting side tracked with eating them instead!
Did I mention that Addison is 17 Months old today? The time is flying like crazy! She is such a little sponge, and she learns something new every day. It is seriously amazing. 

Things Addison likes at this stage:
  • She loves Playing Outside
  • New words that she is saying: "keckles" (Bell's Dog Freckles), thankyou, no (this one is getting old), yes, cookie, cracker, owie, fishy, ball, hippo, Papa, "buck" (My parent's horse), kiss, "kiki" (blankie), Addison (which sounds more like "Adsen"), Uh Oh!
  • She loves making Animal Noises. She knows how to sound like a cow, horse, cat, dog, bear, lion, (pretty much anything that roars) sheep, owl
  • Doing the actions to songs. Right now her favorite is "Popcorn Popping"
  • Playing with her baby dolls
  • Giving kisses 
  • Playing in Water
  • Playing games with Mommy and Daddy like peekaboo, dancing, hiding, coloring, or tickling. 
  • She has 10 full grown teeth, and her top canines are just coming in!
  • She usually wakes up one time in the night for a sippy cup
  • She is STILL taking 2 naps a day (which I LOVE) and she gets super grumpy if she misses one
  • Her blankie is her lifeline!
I LOVE this girl!

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Heather said...

I keep missing your posts so I am glad you aren't private anymore!=) Addie is so cute. I can't believe how much she has grown. Totally becoming a big kid!