Monday, August 23, 2010

Extreme Makover Home Edition...

is here in Pocatello this week! 

Yesterday we drove over to see how the house was coming. I secretly (or not so secretly) used to have had a little crush on Ty Pennington back when he was on "Trading Spaces". Ryan was teasing me and kept saying..."maybe we'll even get to see Ty!"

It turns out that we had awesome timing because he had to pass right beside the place where we were standing to get to his bus. He even turned and said "Hey Guys." Ryan kept telling me to take a picture, but I totally froze. All I could do was stand there with the dumbest smile on my face. I couldn't even say "Hi" back. After I finally could function again (several moments later) I whipped out my camera and stood around like the paparazzi trying to catch a shot of him. Creepy. I know. I was totally starstruck.

It's crazy how fast Extreme Makover can build a house! They only started a few days ago, and it is looking almost finished (at least on the outside). I wish they would build me a house!

On a side note, I have taken my blog off of the "Private" setting. The permissions haven't been working very well, and half of the people that have been trying to get into this blog haven't been able for now, it is open again :)


Chelsey said...

That's awesome you saw him, too bad no picture. And I LOVE the Awkward pictures you found from your post below :)

HAYHAY said...

I for one am glad you're not private for now! I would LOVE to check the progress of an Extreme Makover Home Edition...that is SOO COOL! That show is sweet.

Your Awkward Fam photos made me laugh out loud!

I love your header!!