Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 10...

Something you're afraid of

I am a total worry wart! Ryan tells me all of the time that I worry too much. The thing that I have been worrying about the most lately is:
  • Car Accidents: I HATE driving on bad roads, and I drive Ryan insane every time we go to Canada in the Winter. I am always "reminding" him that the roads are icy, to slow down, or that there might be deer on the road. 

Of course there are the dumb little things that I am afraid of:

  • Moths, Spiders, Bees, etc...(i pretty much just hate bugs)
  • Needles-- I used to pass out every time I had my blood taken. After having a baby I have gotten over most of my fear of needles, but I still get the creeps if I watch it go in!
  • Speaking in Church
  • Mice and snakes freak me out too!

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