Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 13...


Short Term Goals:

  • Read the Book of Mormon every day
  • Read the entire Ensign each month
  • Lose 5-10 pounds by March
  • Work out at least 3x every week
  • To have Addison potty trained by her second birthday (if she is ready)
  • Have FHE each Monday night
  • Go on a date night with Ryan at least 2x/month now, after he is finished with school 1x/week
  • Cook something new every night for a month

Bucket List:

  • Get married and have 3-4 beautiful children 
  • Become a morning person
  • Go on a service mission
  • Learn how to dance
  • Own the house of my dreams
  • See Rascal Flatts in concert
  • Become a Massage Therapist
  • Open my own Massage Therapy clinic
  • Buy a fancy camera and take a photography course
  • Surprise Ryan with a trip to the Dominican Republic (he served his mission there)
  • Learn how to crochet
  • Have my own Vegetable Garden
  • Learn how to Wake-board
  • Visit: Rome, Africa, France, Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Barbados, Europe, Egypt, Jerusalem, China
  • Run in a Marathon
  • Raise my family in the gospel, and have all of my children be married in the Temple
  • Read the entire Bible from cover to cover
  • Attend General Conference
  • Meet the Prophet
  • Be a temple worker with Ryan when we retire
  • Go to a Broadway Play
  • Go inside of 20 different temples (I am at three so far)
  • Go deep sea diving
  • Go on a cruise
  • Own a Baby Grand Piano
  • Be able to easily play ALL of the Hymns in the Hymnbook
  • Go sailing
  • Tell my family I love them every day
  • Become an amazing cook
  • Age well
  • Learn how to ice skate (fast!)
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  • See the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis)
  • Donate Blood (this one is a big deal for me..remember my fears?)
A girls gotta dream right?


DJ said...

I love your Bucket List. And Great Goals---I'd love to fulfill each of them myself :)

Katie Wood said...

Mon! I love this! You have inspired me to write down my own goals/bucket list. You are just too too adorable! And yes, that was 2 too's!