Monday, January 24, 2011

A few things about my little girl...

Addie is 22 months old and has a STRONG personality. Maybe it's the red hair, maybe it is hereditary. :) Either way, she is VERY strong willed. Her very favorite thing to eat is chocolate! (She's a girl after my own heart!) Ryan had a sweet tooth last night, so we whipped up a yummy cake...and as soon as Addison saw us pouring the batter all she would say is "some? some? peeze? SOME!!!"
I gave her a spoon covered in cake batter, and she was in heaven! Grandpa Prince...I think she might take after you. Just a bit!
A few of Addie's Faves at 22 Months:
  • Movies: Wall E, the classic Santa Clause, Cars, Dora, Elmo
  • Songs: Once there was a Snowman, The Wheels on the Bus, Ring around the Rosie, Do as I'm Doing, Rock-a-bye Baby
  • her princess chair
  • playing outside
  • nursery
  • swimming
  • shopping (she goes crazy in baby sections!)
  • puzzles...especially her Dora puzzle
  • popcorn and chocolate (not together!)
  • reading stories with Mommy and Daddy
Things Addison does NOT like at 22 Months:
  • sitting still
  • long car rides
  • Santa in real life
  • Lettuce
  • being "stisti" (sticky)
  • when Daddy cuddles with Mommy (she yells MY MAMA! NONONO!)
Things I Love about Addison at 22 Months
  • she gives hugs and kisses all of the time
  • she loves to find pictures of Jesus and "Pwesant Mawson" (President Monson)
  • she loves to cuddle and watch movies together
  • She talks like crazy...non stop! (this also drives me insane some days)
  • She tells me that I look "teeute!" (cute)
  • she gets so concerned about all of my "wowies" (owies) and kisses any freckle or scar that she finds

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Mont and Dawna said...

love all these little addi facts. she's so cute. i love her red hair and her fun little personality. it made me smile that she gets jealous when you and ryan hug/cuddle etc Kinlee is so the same. it's hilarious. sometimes we exaggerate it just to get the reaction going and then we include her too of course. she's been like that as long as i can remember.and it's hilarious. sometimes she says "go hug your marriage" just so she come break up the hug saying "my daddy"!
also had to smile at the sitting still thing...kinlee has been like that since she was 9 months old and started walking and unfortunately it hasn't changed! ...drives me nuts in some ways and in other ways i'm just thankful she can move and run and play and be herself!
Monica you have a darling little girl!!