Tuesday, February 22, 2011

four years...

and counting!

In our four years we have...
  • combined been in four different colleges
  • i graduated from one...Ry is still working like crazy to graduate from his
  • moved four times
  • had one baby and watched her grow into a toddler
  • Ryan has worked at four different places
  • finished our immigration papers (for now)
  • been in five different wards
  • both gained a few pounds :)
  • had five different vehicles
  • gone through 5 gold fish
  • bought a house
  • crossed the Canada/US border somewhere around 30 times (sometimes going up and sometimes coming back)
  • lived in Rexburg for a year, Idaho Falls for two years, and Chubbuck for one
and we still have forever to keep the adventure going! Can't wait!


Angie said...

congrats! you two are so cute!

love, rebecca violet said...

Congrats to you!

shelly said...

Hope that you guys have a great time!