Thursday, March 10, 2011


Quick Recap of our Vegas Trip...we:
  • survived my first (and second) plane ride
  • went shopping
  • ate a ton
  • went on a date: saw the "Blue Man Group", fountains, and ate at Hash House
  • went to Mandalay Bay
  • enjoyed warm weather at parks and on walks
  • visited the Las Vegas temple
  • had so much fun visiting with Blake, Heather, and their family
  • got lost in a snow storm on the way home from Salt Lake
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to Vegas last weekend...

It is a "Bell Brother" tradition, whenever Ryan and his brothers all get together, they buy ridiculous matching shirts. Heather and I thought we were pretty funny when we found a couple of matching shirts for ourselves...we may have been called nerds afterward. :) (Heather I think we need to work on our "Hot Faces" haha)
We drove up to the Las Vegas temple and took a few pictures with the kids. It was getting dark outside, but we got a few cute ones:
I love Addie's squishy and kissable!
Eating frozen yogurt at the "Golden Spoon".
Such a cute family!
We went on a double date (like actual date...with babysitters and everything!) with Heather and Blake on Saturday night. We started off eating at "Hash House a Go Go", then went over to see the "Blue Man Group", and ended our date by walking around the fountains on the strip!
What we ordered: Waffles and Fried chicken. I wasn't so sure about this combo...but Ryan wanted it so I decided to be brave!
My first (and only) time gambling. Ryan and I spent a total of $5 and ended up with 30 cents in the end. RIP OFF! I have no idea how people can just throw their money away like that! We had to try it at least once though...what happens in Vegas right?
Before flying home on Monday, we visited Mandalay Bay. Addison LOVED seeing all of the fish, sharks, turtles, etc...she would have stayed all day if we let her!
There were even stingrays that you could touch! So fun.
It was so fun to visit Heather, Blake and their cute kids...and it was nice to escape the freezing Idaho winter for even just a few days! Yay for vacations!


Heather said...

That was so great!! I got all the pictures and I love them.=) PS. Our hot faces are hot enough for our nerdy hubbies!!

Katie Wood said...

Monica! You look amazing and these are absolutely adorable! I love your cute little family! What a fun trip too. I just had the biggest grin on my face reading and looking at your blog!

Katelyn said...

Too much fun! I'm glad you got a date in as well. You look fabulous by the way!

jaromanderica said...

that is so awesome!!!!!!!! I'm glad you survived the plane rides!!