Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doctor's Orders.

We booked our 20 week ultrasound today...May 23rd is the lucky day! I asked Addison if we were having a Boy or Girl yesterday, and she was positive that it is a girl. Does she know something that we don't? Ryan kept trying to convince her to say "boy" but she stuck with it! We'll see :)

With my first two pregnancies, my body had a hard time with keeping the babies in until it was time. We lost our first baby around 9 weeks. With Addison,  I went into preterm labor a couple of months early, and had to go on medication and bedrest to stop the contractions. This time around, my doctor has convinced me to go on progesterone shots weekly. I have already started having some pretty strong Braxton Hicks contractions, and they are pretty uncomfortable (they actually hurt this time) I think that just to be safe, this is the best thing to do. Hopefully the extra hormones don't turn me into a complete nutcase...I already have enough crazy in me as it is! :)


Jayelle said...

I didn't realize that you had had a miscarriage. What a difficult thing to go through! The shots sounds like a good idea...just to make sure. I'm sure you're no more of a nutcase than the rest of us pregnant crazies! It's allowed!

Requel said...

THat is crazy I didn't know That. Good thing for the shots then. BElla was convinced we were having a boy, I thought she knew something we didn't....but she was way off. Two girls are awesome though! Can't wait to find out what you Are having. Good luck!