Monday, May 16, 2011

Ry's 27th!

 For our birthdays this year, we decided that instead of getting each other presents we would each plan a date for the other person.  It was Ryan's 27th birthday last Sunday, so I planned our date for Saturday afternoon. The spoiled boy had breakfast in bed, then we got ready and drove to Idaho Falls. We dropped off Addison at his parents house, and went to a movie that he had been wanting to see: THOR! After that, we had lunch at Outback, and went for a walk by the river.
 Ryan has been trying to get me to go golfing with him since...forever. So for his birthday I surprised him with a round of golf at Sage Lakes. Ryan was a pro. Me--well not so much. We had a golf cart, but I pretty much walked the whole way because I would hit the ball a few feet, then have to go and hit it again. I was WAY above par the whole time. (Are you impressed that I know how to use the word Par in a sentence? I am!)
 Don't we look super cool in the golf cart?
 Ryan looks like a pro in his swinging picture...
and I look like I was trying to hit something out of the sky. So I can't golf. Oh well. I tried! :) Love you Ry!

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Heather said...

Love this!! You look so dang cute.=)