Thursday, June 30, 2011

Naps, pool party, and our stalker...

One thing I love about Summer....running, swimming, and playing outside has a great effect on rambunctious toddlers:
 This virtually NEVER happens. Last Saturday we had an eventful day: going to Addie's first movie at the theater--"Cars 2", a picnic at the park, hours of going up and down slides, and going to the zoo in the late afternoon. As you can see...we finally tired the girl out!

A couple of days ago, I bought Addison a new pool! She loved "shwimmin' like a mamaid" (swimming like a mermaid) for hours. Ryan may have even got a little pool time in. He didn't look ridiculous at all sitting in this tiny pool with bath toys! He is such a cute dad!
This picture also happened to catch our little stalker in the act. There is a neighbor boy that literally EVERY time we go outside, he goes out too. He slowly will sneak his way onto our patio until he is practically sitting on our laps. Seriously, he has tried to eat our food before. 

Sometimes it doesn't bother me. I don't mind him playing with Addie once in a while. However, his parents have discovered that as long as we are outside, they have a free babysitter. It bugs me that I feel like I can never just relax outside with my daughter. The worst part is that it isn't even just when Addison is outside. I have gone out by myself to read in the sun, or to talk on the phone...and guess who creeps his way over to stand right beside my chair and look over my shoulder?

 Am I being a brat? Probably. He probably is just a lonely boy that doesn't get much attention at home. But it still gets on my nerves every once in a while.

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