Monday, June 27, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Addie....

This post is mainly for that I don't forget those little things that Addison says that puts a smile on my face. A few of the most recent ones that I remember are:

Ry- "Addie you are such a good girl."
Addie- "NO!"
Ry- "You are a bad girl?"
Addie- "NO!"
Ry- "What are you then?"
Addie- "Addie a SWEETHEART! Daddy's Shortcake!"

Today we were watching "Tangled" and Addison got so upset when it was showing the "magic golden flower". She yelled, "Hey! That mine golden shlowa!"

She has been EXTRA clingy the last week or so (she is teething) and I have heard "I wanna Mama...Mama you snuggle a minute?" about a thousand times!

She calls any big building (church, disney castle, etc.) the temple.

I took her with me to the hospital a few weeks ago for my Doctor's appointment. She got SO excited as we were walking through the parking lot toward the front doors. She kept yelling "ALLIGATOR!" over and over again. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until we got to the elevator and she said "SEE MAMA?!? ALLIGATOR!"

I remind Addison to hold still while I straighten her hair and tell her that it is super hot. Last night she was pretending to do Ryan's hair and she kept telling him, "NO MOVE. SOOPA HOT!"

Addison asks us everytime we get in the car "mama? seatbelt?" I assure her that my seatbelt is on. "daddy? seatbelt?" Ryan tell her that his is on too. She usually checks a few times before we get where we are going.

We took her to the zoo this weekend, and while we were looking at a baby bear cub she said, "COME HEA BABY! HABBA HUG!" (come here baby...come have a hug)

Addison loves to see ultrasound pictures of the baby. She says, "BABY GWACEE! She come soon...she get bigga!" (hopefully this baby looks like a Gracie...because Addison is already very attached to the name!)

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shelly said...

You are making me miss that girl!!!