Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's for Dinner?

I am NOT a master chef by any means...and I can't honestly say that I love the entire cooking process. I am not a fan of planning meals, grocery shopping, or cleaning up after a meal.

BUT--I do love having yummy meals on my family's table, and I am constantly trying to improve on my homemaking skills. I want my kids to think that I am the BEST cook ever (watch out future daughter/son in laws)! So, I have started to put together a blog of my favorite go-to recipes for my own organizational purposes, and I figured...why not share? (This is me being brave here!) So if you are interested in seeing what's for Dinner at the Bell home...

click HERE!

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Mont and Dawna said...

great food blog. you must be a good cook to come up with so many great recipes. you're amazing. i'll definitely be checking back.