Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(also known as insectophobia) is the abnormal fear of or aversion to insects and similar arthropods, and even other "bugs", such as worms. Commonly, this condition might be referred to as the "fear of insects or bugs". This condition causes a slight to severe emotional reaction, a form of anxiety or a panic attack. It is a particular case of specific phobias, all of which have basically the same causes.

I swear Addison has this! Ever since we went camping over the Fourth of July weekend, she has been terrified of anything that even slightly resembles a mosquito. The mosquitos were really bad in the campsite, and even though we sprayed ourselves a TON (we almost went through an entire bottle of bugspray in one night!) she still ended up getting a few bites on her ankles. Now, she freaks over any type of bug. She will even have a complete meltdown over a fuzzy on my shirt, a piece of dirt on the sidewalk, or even a chocolate chip on our kitchen floor.

And when I say melt-down, I mean: screaming "SKEEEEEETO", hysterically crying, shaking, frozen in get the idea.

Camping next weekend could be interesting!

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