Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My personal bedrest therapy session :)

I am a list maker. When I am mad/ upset, it always helps me to keep perspective when I make a list of first all of the things that are bothering me (just to get it out), and then things that I am blessed with. It makes me remember all of the things that I have that I need to be grateful for, and is strangely therapeutic for me.

So here is my own personal therapy session. With myself. I may be crazy, but it works for me!

Things that bug me:
  • Contractions. When you are 31 weeks along, they just plain suck.
  • Not being able to lift or take care of my little girl. She has been cranky and crying for mommy to help her for the past few days, so she must be feeling it too.
  • Laying down 24/7. My muscles are a achin'! I still have so many more weeks of bedrest. It is overwhelming some days!
  • Not having my husband around.
  • Missing my Brother-in-law's wedding
  • Having to ask for/let others help me (maybe this is just the slice of humble pie that i needed)
  • Waking up 3ish times/ night to go to the bathroom and take medication.
Things that I am grateful for:
  • My family being so awesome and willing to juggle me and Addison into their busy lives. I would be lost without them!
  • My Mom and Dad's cooking. Yum!
  • A baby girl who is healthy and growing inside of me (stay in there baby!)
  • Being able to get into an OBGYN in Canada QUICKLY. I have my appointment today so I am crossing my fingers for good news!
  • My sweet girl who gives me lots of hugs, snuggles, and kisses
  • Family and friends back in Idaho Falls that are taking good care of my poor neglected husband
  • Ryan.
  • Free healthcare for the next couple of weeks. WOOT WOOT!!

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Taryn said...

So sorry you had to be put on bedrest. Hope you had good news at the DR today and that these next few weeks fly by for you. It will all be soo worth it!