Friday, September 30, 2011


Last night at the dinner table we had this converstation:

Ryan: Addison you are just SOOOO cute.
Addison: No. I not "teeute", I Addison Nicole Bell.
Ryan: That is your name! And Addison Nicole Bell is a cute girl. Your Mommy is cute too.
Addison: No Mommy not "teeute", Mommy a Angel.

And then I bawled like a baby. Right in the middle of a bite of pizza...the combination of my preggo hormones, and her sweet little face didn't even give me a chance. I have no idea where she learned to say that, but I sure love MY little angel.


Heidi said...

How sweet! Your post title made me think maybe you had a new angel baby that had arrived:) Good luck!

Heather said...

I love that!! I love her!! Don't feel too bad, I bawled the other day when Spencer said there were 2 priesthoods. Ha!! I was like, How does he know that?=)