Friday, October 21, 2011

The greatest gift...

I took Gracelyn to her two week appointment yesterday...she has already gained an extra pound! She now weighs 8 pounds and 14 ounces. And she has gotten a bit shorter (our doctor said that it is because babies heads are more coneshaped at birth, and it has rounded out more now). She is SUCH a good baby. She hardly ever cries, and she is so content. The only thing that has been hard with her is the lack of sleep. She is still waking up alot--which is to be expected with a newborn--last night was a long one, but it is worth it!

Addison absolutely LOVES her baby sister. She holds her, sings to her, and kisses her all of the time. She has had a hard time adjusting to not having my full attention all of the time though. She has been having more tantrums than usual, and has had a few rough days. I am hoping that she will adjust soon! She is such a good big sister, and loves to help me with diaper changes. She even held Gracelyn while I got dressed this morning and did my hair!

I love both of my little girls so much! I am so lucky to be their mom!

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Heather said...

Such precious girls.=) What a good helper you have! That quote about made me cry.=) Love you guys!