Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A couple of videos

We check on the girls every night before we go to bed to make sure that they are sleeping, covered with blankets, warm enough, etc...

Last night we found Addison sleeping like this:

Ryan was amazed that she could be sleeping in such an uncomfortable position. A few minutes later, when we were getting ready to go to sleep, Ryan knelt down to say his prayers. He totally fell asleep in the same position. (He swears that he just "lost his train of thought" but he was totally twitching and starting to snore.) I wish I had a picture of him to match Addison's! :)

Addie has such a cute little voice...I have been meaning to record her talking for a couple of months now. I don't want to forget how sweet she sounds! So here are a couple of videos her this morning doing three of her favorite things: reading stories, singing, and dancing.

Addison has memorized most of the book, "Goodnight Moon".

I tried a few different times to get Addison to hold still and sing, but for her that is pretty much impossible. Singing cannot be done without dancing!


Heather said...

Love that!! And Hailey totally slept that way as a baby and it's still her pose when she's just hanging out. =)

Nathan and Mary said...

Natalie sleeps like that all the time!