Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daddy date night

Ryan has been working out of town a lot... Which means he is up at 5 am and home around 6:30. The girls both go to bed at 7pm so they haven't been getting much Daddy time in. Addison was so upset when she woke up Friday and he was already gone. She was sad and kept saying, "I'm so mad at my Daddy!" I called him and she would barely talk to him on the phone. Ryan asked her to go on a date with him and she was so excited! They went out last night. Addie came home with a new movie, frozen yogurt, flowers for me, and a big smile. I am so glad she has such a great Dad! After they got home they painted a wooden puzzle together, and Ry tucked her into bed. Addie couldn't wait to tell all of her little friends about her date when they came over to play today.

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Ranae Broadhead said...

this is seriously the cutest thing ever!