Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trick or treat 2012

We bought addison's Halloween costume in the beginning if September...which is torture for a little girl that wears a princess dress every day. I made her leave it hung up in the closet so that it wouldn't be worn out before Halloween. We decided that gracelyn would make the perfect Dwarf sidekick too, so I made her costume a few days before Halloween. Ryan is usually the one that takes the girls trick or treating while I hand out candy at home. Addie BEGGED him to dress up as Prince Charming, and even though he fought it, in the end he did! He is such a great dad, and Addie loved having her "charming" tale her around the neighborhood. Gracelyn was not a fan of all the costumes, and only went to one house (screaming) before we put her to bed. :)

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