Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

For Easter this year we stayed in Idaho. On Friday, Ryan's mom had an easter egg hunt for all of the kids. Addie found alot of eggs! She even found some money and ended up with $7! We played a bunny hide and seek game, and had chinese food. We also decorated Easter sugar cookies and helped to deliver them to neighbors.
I like the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday. I feel like it gives us a chance to get all of the "commercial" Easter stuff out of the way, and to focus more on the Savior on Sunday.
Here is what my girls got from the Easter Bunny this year. Matching Dresses, tutu's and shoes!

I sent Ryan to the store for milk so I could make breakfast, and he came back with doughnuts. Works for me!

The girls didn't seem to mind either!

Next we decorated Easter Eggs! Gracelyn was grumpy so she got a nap. :)

After that I made egg salad sandwiches (with decorated eggs) and rolls and we took the girls on a bike ride to the park. We had a yummy picnic!

On Easter Sunday we went to church,  relaxed, watched Mormon Messages, and went for a walk. It was relaxing and the perfect kind of day!

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