Friday, October 11, 2013

She's Two!

Happy birthday to my sweet little Gracelyn! The two years that you have been with our family have flown by! Our family wouldn't be the same without your sweet spirit! We love you!

This year all Gracelyn wanted for her birthday was "COOKIES!" So we had a cookie themed party. We had a ton of different kinds of cookies for her to try! 

Gracelyn is slightly obsessed with slides. She makes everything into a slide. This was her face when she saw Ryan bring her new slide out from the hallway. She cracks me up! :) She also was spoiled by family! Ryan's parent's gave her the cutest crib with attached cupboard, sink, and highchair for her doll. Ryan's mom sewed a special blanket for the new doll that we gave her as well. I found a cute diaper bag to put with it, so now Gracelyn is stocked up with everything she needs for her baby! Uncle Spencer and Kellie gave her bath paints (which she has tried out and LOVED), and everyone from my side of the family pitched in with money that we are going to put towards getting her a new bed and bedding for her room. Pictures to come! :)

Happy birthday Baby Loves! We are so glad you were born!

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amyswor said...

I was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. Started reading about the great story about your older daughter Addie getting her ears pierced. Your story reminded of a funny experience when we had our 4 year old ears pierced and didn't have her sibling ears pierced on the same day.

After piercing our ODD's ears, we came home and showed daddy. He really loved them. What happened next surprised me. Dh asked why I hadn't had her sister, a 2 yrs old toddler girl ears pierced! I didn't know what to say, but then our 4 yr chimed in saying she wanted her sissy to have matching earrings like hers (CZ studs). I told hubby maybe her younger sibs were too young? Wrong. Now my family was ganging up on me! Everyone wanted BOTH my girls to have pierced ears since they were so close and shared everything!

The next day, dh calls out to me from the family room asking me to come in there. Our 4 yr had gotten a pair of my earrings and was trying to put them in her younger sister's ears! She almost put one in her ear canal!

Dh laughed and told me, I told you that you should have pierced all the girls ears. Please take her sisters to
have them pierced before we had to take her to the ER or to remove an earring!

Well, I asked our ped about doing the toddler. To my surprise, she encouraged me to go ahead and

and have them done if I wanted it and was comfortable caring for them. She said it was best when mommy can care for them properly causing fewer problems. It was summer time and I had a little more time so guess what...both my girls got their ears pierced ears within a week. My barely cried a tear. Our girls now have matching earrings and wear the same earrings. All the girls have matching earrings and are so adorable too.

Don't know if you've considered having your YDD's ears pierced. However, doing it at two years old was really easier than doing her older sister. Admittedly, I don't know why I didn't do all the girls that same day, however, looking back it actually was a good idea and it wasn't even mine :) I was
the only one who needed convincing.

If you remotely thought of having your YDD's ears pierced, maybe your mommy intuition is telling you to do it.

Sounds like you've found a great place and people to do it. Hopefully, you can avoid her sister trying to put one of your earrings in her younger sisters' ears wanting to be like mommy and her sister. Promise both girls would look adorable in their upcoming holiday pictures with cute earrings.