Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Banana's Anyone?

Addison had her 4 month well check today. She is growing a ton (she weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces now) and everything is looking good! Our pediatrician also gave us the "OK" to start her on some solid foods so tonight we packed up and picked out a couple of the "first foods" from Gerber, and also some of the Rice Cereal.

I was pretty disgusted with some of the foods they have for babies...like bottled beef, chicken and potatoes...and the worst one of all...bottled turkey sticks! SICK.
We decided to stick to sweet potatoes and banana.

This is all probably insane that I am so excited about feeding Addie MESSY foods to the rest of you moms out there...but we get so excited about every little thing she does.

Addie chugged down the rice cereal like she had done it a million times...no big deal. The banana took a bit more getting used to, but after a few bites she was pulling the spoon to her mouth. She loved it! I didn't even mind the huge mess that the whole ordeal made of her. :)


Jayelle said...

Ooooo! How fun to have her eating solids! Ya...some of the stuff they have thought to bottle for the poor little babies...yuck! She just looks so happy to be eating her yummy bananas!

Rhett, Taryn, & Tacey said...

Monica! I'm glad you wrote on my blog cause I lost that piece of paper with yours on it. How are you?? I can't believe how big your little girl is getting, she is beautiful:)