Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling Crafty!

I am excited about the new website that I found today! It has tons of fun ideas for family crafts, recipes, playing, etc..

I'm feeling inspired, but not in the mood for a huge here's what I'm going to attempt today:

Paper Portraits

This super cute Paper Portrait...mine is going to be pink and green to match her bedroom!


Discovery Bottles - Step 2 Discovery Bottles
A couple of easy to make Discovery Bottles...hopefully they will keep our crazy baby girl busy for a while! Wish me luck!

The finished product!

I didn't realize that there were fingerprints all over the glass in this picture, but I am too lazy to go take a new one :)

And it matches the Star that I made a few months ago in Relief Society!

Sadly, it looks like my water bottles have been thrown away, so I'll have to make the Discovery Bottles a different day.

1 comment:

Rachel B said...

girl, i love that profile pic idea!! i will def check that site out, keep your crafty ideas a comin