Friday, May 14, 2010

The BIG Two Six!

Guess who's going to be the big two six tommorow?!?

A Few things I love about Ry:
  • He is such a good dad...Addison tries almost every day to go with him when he leaves for work in the morning, and runs for the door every day when he gets home!
  • He is an AMAZING husband. He helps me out so much...he doesn't mind vacuuming, dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, etc. Even when he has worked a long day, and has done homework all night.
  • He always is making me laugh. He's crazy.
  • He makes me want to be a better person--but not ever because he is critical. He always compliments all of the little things that I do. He notices things-- like when I clean out the fridge, or when I spend extra time making dinner, or when I color pictures with Addison. He makes me feel like I'm a super wife/mom. (Which isn't true, but I love him for it!)
Happy birthday babe...I love you!

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