Monday, May 17, 2010

Ryan's weekend

Here are a few shots from Ryan's Birthday!

To start the day out, Ryan and Addison cuddled in the morning and watched "Baby Einstein". Addie is so NOT a cuddler, so this is a rare shot!

Ryan's parents and brother's Jon and Jordan came over for scones, juice, and fruit, then Ryan and the boys went to the new "Robin Hood" movie.

Later Ryan, Addie, and I had a BBQ
It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we played Frisbee outside while we waited for the food to cook!

My little Girly-Girl and her necklace :)

We had some YUMMY ribs for dinner, along with seasoned fries, salad, and a Reese's Cake I made with the recipe from here.

We had such a fun weekend, Ry you need to have Birthdays more often!

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