Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip!

Last weekend we went up to Salmon, ID and stayed for the weekend. Just for fun. Spontaneous right?

I REALLY wanted to stay in a hotel that had a hot tub and the only one that did was this place:Online, it looked pretty nice...but when we got there it wasn't quite what we were expecting. I had Ry talked into staying--we even paid for our room, until we went into our room and found that it was pretty much just a big closet with a bed, that the door didn't close, and the locks were all broken. Have you ever seen the movie "Vacancy"? (We have watched the Clean Flick version of course since it is rated R)...anyways it was JUST like the place in the movie. We ended up getting a refund for the room. We found a MUCH nicer place just up the street. It was 25 dollars more/ night, and had no pool or hot tub, but at least we weren't worried about our safety!

Salmon is in SUCH a beautiful area! The mountains are amazing.
Addison REFUSED to sleep the entire time we were there. She barely napped, and woke up several times in the night. Little stinker! It was fun to get away from the house and to go somewhere new for a few days though.

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