Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Many Faces of Addie

I have been slacking with my camera (mostly because my battery was dead and I was too lazy to change the batteries), but i I finally got it out again today. Addison is FULL of personality as you can see:
"I'm in Trouble" Face

"You tricked me!" face
Sad "Owie" Face
Deep in Concentration
"Telling Mommy what to Do" face
My favorite face :)


jarom said...

hahah she is so cute monica! I hope our little one is that cute and makes all those funny faces haha

Bowmans said...

oh I miss her. so does Lucy. Come see us and ill give you a tan and our girls can play

Ranae Broadhead said...

i just wanna know HOW do you make your blog set up so so so cute! i need tippers

Heidi said...

She is so cute! I love the last pictures with her curly wet hair and huge smile.
Rebecca has been reading your blog and found an old post of yours with the "Real Love Story" song/video. That got me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes! And truth be told there have a few days after caring for the needs of 5 little ones when I haven't been able to squeeze in a shower until after Jared got home :(

Ranae Broadhead said...

how do you get all your cute fonts... and your headers! mine are just boring pictures... i wnat something cute like yours that matches your background.

DJ said...

sooo cute! all of them! she's darling.

mike prince said...

Just can't help but to Luv that little girl to pieces!!!!!