Friday, August 27, 2010


I am pretty sure I have the sweetest husband ever. I love him. He's my favorite. :)
Look what he surprised me with yesterday...just because:
Next week is the 4 year anniversary of our first date. Has it really been that long?

First Date Facts:

  • I had a boyfriend at home...he  was single.
  • We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend (Rachel Beazer) 
  • The date was on my first day of school at BYU-Idaho
  • We talked on a friend's phone and he "officially" asked me out beforehand
  • He sent a friend over to my house to "secretly check me out" before the date--Lame!
  • I was nervous, and spent TWO HOURS getting ready for our date
  • We went on a group date, but somehow there was a mix-up about what time the date was actually at...the girls thought it was earlier, and the boys thought it was later. We were so mad when they showed up two hours late we almost didn't go...I am glad that we did!
  • I got my first look at his ghetto car--the "Subaru" (which later became MY ghetto car) 
  • We went with my BF's Rachel and Jenae, and two of his BF's Mike and Josh
  • We ate at Wingers...Ryan spilled water on his pants, and showed me his battle scars from dirt biking
  • After dinner, we had a bonfire, listened to music, met another group of friends, and talked 
  • On the way home Ryan pulled a BOLD move and put his arm around me :)
  • He asked for my phone number at the door and called me the next morning to ask me out again!
  • My boyfriend was NOT so happy. (he was not my boyfriend for very much longer)


Heather said...

Okay, what do you mean ghetto? That car rocked and will make some junkyard very happy someday.=) I love your story! Good thing you are cute and passed the test!

love, rebecca violet said...

that is adorable!

Jayelle said...

Oh, I LOVE first day stories! How amazing is he with those flowers? :) I might have to give my Ryan a little hint hint. LOL