Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's no Dum Dum!

We bought Addison her "Cushy Tushy" potty a couple of weeks ago, but before today she just wanted to stick her head in it. (Yum!) Today I think I figured out how to get her to stay sitting. The secret:
Dum Dum" Lollipops!

Little goof!
I got Addison to sit on her potty for 15 minutes...and at the end, we checked inside and she had left me a surprise! WAHOO!!!
She is probably still far from being potty trained, but it's a start right? I can't wait to be finished with diapers...they are nasty, expensive, and stinky! The end is in sight! 

1 comment:

shelly said...

Isn't my Addie just the cutest ever!!! And is she ever smart, she knows how to get you to give her what SHE wants! (And you thought you were using the suckers to trick her).