Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exciting News...

No, it's not that I am pregnant. :)

Ryan has been applying for new positions at USBank for a couple of months. He has liked working for the bank, but has felt bored of his job as a Personal Banker. Yesterday he finally got a call telling him that he got the job that he has been hoping for! He is starting as a "Payment Solutions Consultant" on the 30th! He will be dealing with credit card machines, and merchant services for businesses. I am so excited for him...he works so hard and so deserves this promotion!

Because he will be covering all of Eastern Idaho, we will also have to upgrade his work vehicle.  Right now he's been driving this little number:

Hot. I know. The "Tercel" was my Great Grandpa's car, and has been passed down through our family to me.  It was the car I drove while I was in High School. Ryan has been driving it back and forth from work for the past year, and it is great on gas, but for his new job we will need something a BIT more reliable (and something that will go over 70 mph downhill).

So tonight we are buying this car for him:
We are pretty excited about the changes that will be happening in the next month for our family. Hard work pays off!


Heather said...

Since you've gone private, I don't get notifications of your blog changes anymore.=( But so happy to see you have a new car although the old blue one reminds me of the sweet Subaru that changed all of our lives forever! Congrats on the job. That is so great. Maybe you can come visit us sometime wheRyan is out of town!=)

Monica Bell said...

I know...I'm not loving this private thing. I'm having second thoughts! The Sub. Our awesome "Tithing Car". haha I love that it was passed down. And I think that would be fun to come and visit!