Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Time,

Please Stop! Look what you are doing to my baby! 

She started out looking like this:

Now she looks like this:

You already have turned her into a toddler, and have her talking, running, and wearing 18 month clothing! You have had your fun, and I would appreciate it if you would please slow down from now on. 


P.S. If you could make my husband's schooling go by a bit quicker that would be great too. 


DJ said...

haha...i totally understand. my once tiny baby is going preschool tomorrow and somehow surpassed both the baby and toddler stages....she's so big!

love, rebecca violet said...

i love it.
love the post about your mom.
love mindy's music.
love the part about "speeding up schooling"
love watching your
little girl grow!

shelly said...

That is how I feel about time too!
I started out with little one's, watched them grow,and grow, and grow before my very eyes. Now my first "little one" has a little one of her own...kinda blows my mind how fast time goes! I wouldn't change a thing though!