Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am a "free printable" addict.

It's true. I love finding new ways to be organized, it helps to motivate me! There are lots of printables out there that are great for little kids too...coloring pages, crafts, etc. They keep Addison busy during the day, and it gives us something fun to do together!

Here are a few of my favorite freebies that I have found lately (click the links below to view full printable):

Owl Note Cards
I think these little owl cards are so cute! They would be perfect for a quick thank you, reminder card, or pretty much anything!

via the Executive Homemaker

Weekly Menu Planner
I feel super organized right now! I have a full week of meals planned...and that is totally the worst part of cooking--well that and cleaning up afterward.
Weekly Menu Planner
also from the Executive Homemaker

Printable ABC Sunday Book
I just barely printed this for Addison! I have a few old 4X6 photo albums just waiting to be filled...this will be perfect for keeping her happy during church, helps to teach her about the ABC's and the gospel, and it is SUPER cute! Warning: It takes A LOT of paper to print the whole book off...something like 46 pages? Totally worth it!

found at Oopsey Daisey

A Paper Picnic!
Addison LOVES the printable scenes that you can print at "Wondertime" I can't get a preview to work, but the picnic printable has a blanket, a basket, and food that all can be cut out and put together. So fun!
Via Wondertime

Free Antique Temple Pictures
Gorgeous temple pictures, without words. The website even has a tutorial on how to add your own Text on the picture, or you can use her picture with text.

Here is the Cardston favorite:

And the Idaho Falls Temple (the temple where Ryan and I were married):

If you are feeling SUPER ambitious then you can use Lil' Luna's tutorial on how to make this temple block: 

Via Lil' Luna

See what I mean? I love making crafts, but with an 18 month old, that pretty much NEVER happens. This has turned out to be a cheap, quick, alternative. I still get to feel creative, but I don't actually have to make the mess and take the time. Just print, and cut.

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Ranae Broadhead said...

oh that temple block is definantly already a to do on my list of things to make! i saw it a few weeks ago and fell in love!