Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleepless in Chubbuck.

I was under the impression, before Addison was born, that babies would all start sleeping through the night around six months. Not so much.

I feel like I have a newborn! OK Addie doesn't quite wake up every few hours, but she DID wake up FOUR times last night. What the heck?!?  And then she woke up for the day at the crack of dawn...or at least what I consider the crack of dawn-- 6:50 am! 

As far as I know, I am doing all of the "bedtime stuff" right...we have the routine down:
1. Sippy cup of warm milk
2. Change Diaper, Slather on Bedtime Lotion, Change her into PJ's
3. Story Time
4. Addison says goodnight to her "fishies", and to her baby doll, and we get out her binky (she only gets it at bedtime)
5. Prayers
6. Hugs and kisses From Mom and Dad
7.  Addison snuggles with her favorite "blanky" in her crib and almost ALWAYS falls right asleep. 

Sounds good right? She doesn't cry, struggle, or anything. She WANTS to get into bed and is excited when it is time. 

I have tried adjusting her naps so that she doesn't sleep as much during the day, I have tried putting her to bed later, I have tried feeding her more before bedtime...nothing is working! Toddlers don't get hungry THAT often do they? I have been a mom for a year and a half now, but I still feel like I don't know anything! Help!


Nicole said...

Awe Monica it sounds like you're having a tough time. I wish I had kids and could offer you some great miracle Mommy-advice! In times of stress I have found watching the video clips on to be helpful. There is a few good ones on motherhood that may be inspiring and remind you of what an amazing mother you are! :)

Ashley said...

My little guy still wakes up a couple of times a week and he is 20 months!! I think your bed time routine is really good and the only thing I would suggest is making sure she doesn't sleep to much during the day. Could she be teething?
For our little guy we have just been letting him cry it out. I never did that when he was little but now I know he is old enough and he is okay. Momma needs her sleep!!

Good luck! We are all going through the same things so keep it in mind that it's normal!!

Heather said...

Is she teething maybe? Or is she growing? Really, she shouldn't be hungry at her age. Also, have you let her cry it out? I know, it is painful and feels like it will never end. But must be done if you want to live a normal life. She will be on a better schedule and you will feel better. Call me if you need some support. I am liking my kids right now, so I would actually be helpful.=)

Heidi said...

We had major sleep struggles with Jacob when he was about the same age and my friend recommended the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." It has a lot of helpful tips - but mainly helped me to have the heart to let him cry more at first so he could learn to actually sleep better on his own. You are welcome to borrow it. It was hard for me to let him cry - but for him that is what worked.