Monday, October 4, 2010


 I love having a toddler! Addison is A LOT of work, but it is so fun to see her cute little personality. 
Scratch that last part...there is nothing small about this girls personality!

We bought Addie's Halloween costume today, and she is going to be...(drumroll)....Tinkerbell! But I have this weird thing about hating all Disney Characters, so we will just call her a fairy. I'm strange, I know. What creative ideas do you bloggers have for Halloween costumes this year?


Kellie and Spencer said...

Too funny! I am going to be Tinkerbell this year as well! Spencer is going to be Captain Hook Too bad we won't see each other on Halloween because we could have fun pictures!

Chelsey said...

MONICA you don't like Disney characters??? You're crazy girl :)
Tinkerbell will be way cute.
What are you going to be?
Addison is cute!

Heather said...

I totally agree. I hate disney clothes (except pjs), disney costumes, etc. The movies are ok. But really, do you need a mickey mouse on a shirt?! sick!!! (I am sure she will be a very cute "Fairy"!

Kaylee and Phil said...

She will be a cute tinkerbell! I don't know what ward we are in yet. All I know is that I think it is at 9. We are in 447 on Pheasant Ridge Dr. Where are you guys at? We will definately have to do a playdate one of these days!! :)

Lydia said...

Addie is SO CUTE!!! I wish we can see her and hang out more with you. No way, Isabelle is going to be Tinkerbell too. We're doing a theme as well. Mason wants to be Peter Pan so we go along as Wendy, Hook and Tinkerbell. Still trying to figure out the cheapest way to get our customs...when I don't sew and the ready ones are pricy.