Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

Ryan had training meetings in Atlanta, Georgia this past week. It also just happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend, so I decided it would be the perfect time for Addison and I to pack up and head to my parent's house.

I have driven there alone with Addison quite a few times. Although I dread the long drive every time, I have never had any problems. This time was the worst. Here is a break down of the worst road trip EVER:

8:30 am-- buckle Addison into her car seat, and start driving
9:00 am--Addison starts Crying
9:30 am-- Put a Movie on for Addison, and give her snacks to get her to stop crying
11:30 am-- Addison throws up EVERYWHERE just as we are pulling into Butte. Attempt to clean up mess with baby wipes, change Addison's clothes and diaper, scrub down the seat, gas up car, go inside to buy Disinfectant Spray, grab a sandwich and get back on the road.
12:30 pm- 3:30 pm-- Stop multiple times on side of the road to change movie, pick up toy, find lost binky, etc...
4:00 pm-- Addison throws up again, pull over and clean up mess with Wipes again, change Addison's clothes and diaper while trying to keep wasps out of my car (they were everywhere!), scrub down the seat again (it smelled horrible!) and spray a TON of disinfectant spray, buckle Addison back into car seat.
4:30 pm-- I am emotionally exhausted by this point and I remember thinking, "if one more thing goes wrong...",  then I turned my key to find that my car wouldn't start. 
4:31 pm--I realize that my cell phone is almost dead, and that I have no car charger with me. I have a melt down. 
4:32 pm-- I call Ryan and get his voice mail. I call again and he answers...I say "Ryan Addison is throwing up everywhere, I just pulled over to clean it up and now the car won't start. I'm in the middle of nowhere and my phone is going to die any second! (I start bawling.) He tells me that it is OK and that he will call me back in one second. I wait and he calls back telling me that he got a hold of a tow truck company and that they are coming. My phone keeps dying. I get a call through to my brother Jeremy, and let him know where I am.
5:00 pm-- Man pulls up in a Suburban, with jumper cables. His licence plate says "WILDWIL". I am afraid for my life. He jumps the car, then I follow him back into the nearest town where he replaces my battery. I gas up, and get back on the road. My phone is completely dead now. 
5:00 pm- 7:00 pm-- Addison cries most of the time, I sing Old McDonald at least 20 times, and put in a new movie for her.
7:00 pm-- We FINALLY get to my parent's house, Addison plays happily in the bathtub (little stinker!)

Thank goodness that Ryan will be driving up the next few times we travel! I loved visiting my family though, and I get two Thanksgiving dinners out of the deal, so I guess it was all worth it. A few of the things that I loved doing were:

  • Shopping
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Daddy Daughter Date...we went horseback riding in Waterton!
  • Visiting family
  • Making Temple Blocks for Relief Society
  • My mom's cooking
  • Staying up late talking in British accents with Jeremy (we are the coolest)
  • Finding out that my Brother Brandon will be home from his mission on January 12!
  • Coming home to a clean house and THREE different flower arrangements...I think Ryan missed me :)
Besides hitting a deer on the way home from Lethbridge on Friday night, we had a great visit! I swear I have the worst luck ever. 


Heidi said...

You are so brave to even attempt this drive in the first place! I don't even drive to Utah by myself with the kids. Road Trips are not my thing. So glad you made it home safely.

Katelyn said...

I feel so bad for you! That sounds horrible. But I am glad you had a great time while up here. I think it is great that you went on a daddy-daughter date. You are a brave girl to do that drive alone!

Nicole said...

Awe Monica you are such a trooper. I would have probably curled up and not moved after finding out the car didn't start. Sounds like it was all worth it though!