Tuesday, November 2, 2010

19 1/2 Months

This girl is my life! We are best buds: we eat every meal together, we play together, we are together almost every second of the day. She is my pride and joy!

I apologize to any of you who get sick of reading every single detail about my kid...but this blog is for me and I want to remember every little thing :)

So here are a few random pictures that make me smile:
I love her "Stop Mom...you are making me embarressed" face!
Addie saw me painting my toenails the other day, and kept pointing at her toes and saying "Pwitties? Pwitties?" (Pretties) She picked out her own color, and actually held pretty still while I painted her toes! I love baby feet!
Poor girl will hate me one day for this, but isn't she the cutest?
Why is she only wearing a towel you ask?
After a typically messy breakfast, I had just put her into the bathtub when she started saying "EW! POOPY!" This isn't my first time having "accidents" in the bath tub, and I like to avoid them at all costs...she thought it was pretty funny :)

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Heather said...

Two adorable girls!! I love her naughty little smile.=) Hope you guys are still planning on March! Will be so fun.=)