Monday, November 1, 2010


I totally suck at taking pictures! I forgot my camera for all of the "Trunk-or-Treat"!

Addison had fun walking around the parking lot, and got the hang of holding out her bucket for her treats. Now she comes up to me all of the time and says "pweeze" (please) and points to the candy bowl!

Yesterday, Ryan's parents came over for dinner, and we stuffed ourselves full of Italian food, sugar cookies, and candy. We played the Wii, and Jordan (Ryan's youngest brother) was undefeated at Swordplay, and Ryan was the winner of Table Tennis, and Bowling. Addison loved having everyone playing at her house...and she may or may not have gotten away with eating somewhere around four sugar cookies and no dinner. Stinker!

It was my Dad's Birthday on the 30th also Happy Birthday Dad! We Love You :)

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Bowmans said...

How fun! Addi looks so cute in her costume! I love the wings. I wish you could have come to the party, we, missed you! by the way you should come by to get a tan.