Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Play dough, Camera, and a Stubborn Toddler!

Addison is the funniest little girl. (I could add cutest, sweetest, smartest, goofiest, most lovable...but that would just be bragging!)

I made some play dough last night and was trying to get a cute picture of her playing with it. Of course as soon as she catches a glimpse of the camera, the antics begin! She makes the most AWKWARD poses, and refuses to smile for the camera.

Pose #1: "Stuck Out Belly"
P.S. If you are wondering what we were making, it was a forest. A Christmas tree forest :)
Pose # 2: "Smile and then quickly look away from the camera so Mommy can't catch it"

Pose #3: "Protest Loudly"
I have been seeing more and more of this face, the closer she gets to being two. Stinker!
Pose #4: "Give in with a cheesy grin, because Mommy is not giving up." (Of course it had to be blurry!)
I can't believe how big this girl is! She can move faster than I can, talks like crazy (real words mixed with baby jabbering), eats with a fork and spoon, is down to 1 nap/day, and has a HUGE imagination. Love her!


Ranae Broadhead said...

haha love the protest loudly! shes adorable!

Kaylee and Phil said...

Lol that protest face is awesome!

Heidi said...

I love the protesting picture - made me smile.
Melanie said we could come on Sunday at 3. Still waiting to hear back from the others.

love, rebecca violet said...

OH wow. You have a cutie on your hands!!! I'm just getting caught up with reading blogs tonight :)
I loved looking at pics from the past and about your dream house.
I wish that message from Santa could be used in the classroom! How fun!

Also, wanted to ask you if you would like to swap a Christmas card with me this year- I think it would be so fun!